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removal marking lines with falch water jetting unit truck jet 100

removal marking lines with falch scater 25

removal marking lines with water jetting

demarking at the airport: with the truck jet 100 , bsm now has everything on board!


bsm bavaria strassenmarkierung kg has been awarded the contract to remove around 10,000 m² of marking on the site at munich airport.

to be able to work as quickly and flexibly as possible on the airport site, the business manager horst purr decided to use the falch truck jet 100: "demarking work on the runway requires a high degree of flexibility. with the truck jet 100 we have everything on board: the high pressure pump, all the accessories, protective clothing and even a small workshop!"

the marking lines are removed from the ground using 2500 bar of pressure without causing damage. the scater 25  with an e-drive ensures consistent removal of the markings, and it is also possible to work without spray water. the jet water is collected by an integrated suction device and can be disposed of separately. horst purr: "the truck jet 100 and the scater 25 are the perfect solution for this job!"