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almi-tech refurbishes 11,000 m² on the prague viaduct of "nuselský most"


the nuselský most bridge connects two districts of the city of prague, nové mesto and nusle, over the nusle valley and constitutes the most important north-south connection in the city. it is 485 m long, 26.5 m wide and 40 m high and was built between 1965 and 1973. while the carriageway is used by road traffic, the local metro runs below the bridge.

the czech restoration specialist almi-tech s.r.o. received the order to refurbish roughly 11,000 m² of concrete surface on the bridge structure. to this end, the old paint coat is to be removed from the entire outer surface and the substrate to be prepared for recoating.

the requirements for the substrate preparation basically only allow for high-pressure water jet procedures. that is why almi-tech quickly decided to invest into its own falch high-pressure jet system.

due to the vast amount of angular surfaces on the bridge, all decoating operations are performed with hand lances. thank s to the adjustable pointspeed regulation 30 rotary nozzle, the personnel is capable of quickly and easily reacting to the continuously changing condition of the old coating. an area of roughly 8 m² per hour can be prepared for the new coating in this manner. overall refurbishing operations are likely to last from 2013 to autumn of 2017.

almi-tech is a specialist for traffic structures, corrosion protection, concrete restoration and ground restoration.