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falch XXL soccer team

summer party in XXL


on june 27th it was time again – more than 130 employees and their families celebrated together our annual falch summer party.more...

water jetting without recoil

finally we have concluded our search for more power and safety in hand-lance mode! the falch multi worker: the recoil-free multi-talented unit for floors, walls and ceilings!


the higher the pressure and volume of water in water-jetting, the greater the exhausting effect of guiding the water jet by hand using a lance. in addition, if the recoil force is greater than 25 kg, manual guiding of the water-jet is not permitted in many countries. for this reason, falch searched for a solution...more...

concrete renovation with water jetting robot

concrete removal over the operating table: heinrich schmid renovates the heliport at the freiburg university clinic


the freiburg university clinic is the third largest clinic in germany. after an additional heliport was built during the construction of the emergency centre, it was high time to renovate the old heliport.more...

falch + football = fun


on saturday, april 18 it finally happened – the football highlight of the year – the „karl-stegmüller-gedächtnisturnier“ took place, with falch right in the middle. with 8 players and 2 fitness and mental coaches and under perfect “indoor” weather conditions we did compete against strong selections of the companies ratiopharm, gardena, grüner, boehringer ingelheim and soccerarena. in the first 2 matches we had some problems to get into the game and consequently had to accept defeats. But themore...

top of germany


a one-of-a-kind falch tripmore...

best of…


‚best of…2014’ that’s what the chamber of commerce ulm writes on its homepage to this years graduates of vocational educations. more...

removal coatings with climb rob

falch climb rob 125 – the lightweight among the water jetting robots climbs on ships and tanks of steel


with the climb rob 125 falch presents a water jetting robot, which can be moved by remote control over horizontal and vertical steel surfaces.more...

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