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trailer box

trailer box for high pressure water jetting machines of falch

the trailer box is a storage container, e.g. for accessories or things like protective clothing. each falch trail jet water jetting machine can be refitted on the height of the drawbar. practical assembly sets conduce to simple assembly.

trailer boxes haven the dimension of 494 x 1120 x 471cm (height x width x depth). they are made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic. its flap lid is equipped with a sealing that protects against penetrating moisture. its outer skin is smooth and dirt-repellent. trailer boxes are robust, impact-resistant and sturdy. the low weight has no real effect on the load capacity of the trailer.

the interior room of the trailer box offers enough place for several things that are needed at the construction site. so you can store hoses, hose connectors and lances as perfectly as a protective suit, helmet, jetting boots and diverse tools.

trailer boxes offer an optimal overview and avoid long ways and time loss on building sites. being the central storage room they help that nothing gets lost at the building site. there is a lock so that the contents can be protected against theft.

in short: trailer boxes are clever solutions for trailer-machines and impress by quality and functionality. because of its high benefit falch recommends to equip each trailer machine with a trailer box.