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renovation of fire damages

renovation after fire

burning- , scorching- or melting processes in or at buildings leave more or less big fire damages. besides the destruction of things, sustained secondary damages occur, e.g. in form of (toxic) development of smoke. they can cause soot traces, contaminate the environment due to released material or change the substance of the material. in order to make these buildings again inhabitable and usable, it is necessary to renovate them.

for renovating fire damages of buildings water jetting is the established method. mostly hot water high pressure cleaners are used for this purpose. falch offers with hot water driven high pressure devices up to max. 155° C the suitable solutions. the hot water jet enters into the capillaries of the fire damaged wall and flushes out the (toxic) smoke substance without residues due to the high temperature. because of the development of corresponding accessories as the falch scater or the falch twister (with integrated water suction each) you can also work indoors without any problems and without causing additional water damages. the scater as well as the twister wash the surfaces absolutely evenly and remove soot and staining reliably. besides a clean appearance you can restore the functionality of the building to full extent.

for renovating fire damages falch offers a wide range of products and accessories. our application engineers would like to provide you with competent advice. with their knowhow and their experience they would like to support you also with demonstrations and practical seminars in the frame of e.g. further training or preparing future projects.