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removal rubber

removal rubber with falch profi high pressure water jetting

rubber consists essentially of caoutchouc respective caoutchouc-similar substances. though a natural product - today caoutchouc is produced generally in a synthetic way. that's why the industry today can produce variants of rubber with extremely different characteristics, e.g. with regard to tensile strength, elongation at break, wear resistance, resilience or with regard to resistance against oil, grease, acid, alkalis etc.. because of its enormous stability and its extreme resistance against different forms of wear, the so-called hard rubber is widely spread today - first of all in the construction business and the industry. however the resistance of the rubber has pitfalls - e.g. when it has to be removed.

here the water jetting technology is the right method. whether grooves, coatings, bondings or layers - by means of water jetting machines you can separate the rubber from different supporting material without any residues in a simple and reliable way. depending on the thickness and the kind of rubber and the condition of the surface you can use high pressure cleaners up to 3,000bar operating pressure. for precise and powerful applications falch recommends the use of point jet nozzles, while rotating- and/or flat jet nozzles should be used when rubber shall be removed from bigger areas or very wide grooves.

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