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removal of oil stains

removal of oil stains

oil stains can occur in different places: on the street in consequence of car breakdowns or accidents, in storage rooms or gateways, in garages, heating cellars, filling stations or workshops. besides the problem of contamination, there always remain ugly stains on the surface.

one extraordinary possibility to remove these stains without any residues is the high pressure water jetting. high pressure water jetting machines with hot water operation of more than 100°C and a working pressure of about 500 bar are ideal for this work. in this combination the oil can be separated from the surface and be swept out.

falch recommends to use so-called floor cleaners, as for example the falch scater 5. the design is similar to a normal mower. but instead of rotating knifes, the floor cleaner has rotating nozzle bars and spray the water from the high pressure cleaner to the surface. the nozzle bar drives itself thanks to the oblique position of the nozzles. you can choose between flat- or point jet nozzles. the rotation speed can be infuenced by change of the angles of the nozzle holder. special clou: floor cleaners can be driven by a so-called vacupress-system. that is an additional nozzle in the suction part, which produces under-pressure inside the housing and in this way the dirty water can be sucked away by a hose system. so the scater can also be used without any problems inside of buildings (as e.g. stockrooms, workshops, etc.).

our application engineers will answer all further questions. they have much experience and solid know-how around water jetting and they also help you with practical demonstrations on-site or in out headquaters in merklingen.