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removal of road markings

removal of road markings

there is no homogeneous standard for road markings. this means: road markings can consist of most different components. they are floored on different surfaces as asphalt streets, paving stones, concrete areas or metal bridges. if markings have to be removed, it can become a real challenge. that's why our application engineers have developed field-proven solutions together with paint- and foil-manufacturers, which also include the suction and deposit of the paint- and foil-residues together with the sewage water.

falch has specialized in demarking with a great range of high pressure water jetting machines and accessories. particularly the falch floor cleaner scater 25 provides valuable support. thanks to the optional vario kit you can enlarge the jetting width up to 380 mm.

on the other hand you can reduce the jetting width exactly to the width of the markings that have to be removed by adjustable metal plates, so that it is possible to work very precisely. furthermore the scater 25 can be adjusted to different water pressures and water amounts. thanks to "vacupress connection" the dirty water and the particles can be lead via a hose system directly to a slurry tank. vacupress is equipped with an infinitely adjustable feed system, which provides an absolutely constant feed rate as well as a smooth removal. the feed makes a faster and more comfortable working possible and so prevents the fatigue of the jetting staff. with the scater 25 it is possible to remove several thousand meters of marking per day.

principally you can do demarking also by alternative methods like e.g. milling off, flaming or shot blasting. but these methods damage the surface. and they are very cost-intensive, because the surface needs an aftertreatment. the use of pure water however is a environmentally friendly and material conserving method that saves time and money.

especially for the demarking of streets falch offers a wide range of different water jetting machines with suitable accessories. our application engineers are available for all questions around the demarking via hotline. furthermore they offer to help you with calculations and demonstrate the equipment practically.