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removal of graffiti

removal graffiti

if on walls, facades, public buildings, bridge piers or underground crossings, graffiti is everywhere. for sprayers it may be art, for owners of objects or buildings graffiti is a nuisance and is also a damage to property. those who value cleanliness and order and become victim of a graffiti sprayer, have to decide for professional graffiti removal.

here the water jetting technology is the right method. with the power of clear water you are able to remove graffiti without any residues. water high pressure cleaners are in their parameters operating pressure, water amount and type of nozzle exactly adjustable to the surface that has to be cleaned. in this way it is guaranteed that the surface does not get damaged. as the graffiti jet reaches and soils angled corners, the water jet of a high pressure cleaner reaches and cleans these angled corners as well.

depending on the location of operation it can makes sense to use a high pressure cleaner with integrated water tank that is independent from electricity. in this way you can also remove graffiti from remote locations as bridge piers or cross-country railway stations. if the graffiti is at a busy place as pedestrian zones, underground crossings or underground car parks, a high pressure wall cleaner with integrated sucking system, as for example the falch twister, is the ideal cleaning device. because the dirty water gets sucked and disposed immediately, these busy locations keep being traversable nearly without disturbance. local residents and passengers are protected against great noise thanks to the fiberglass-reinforced and soundproof hoods of the high pressure cleaners.

as graffiti can cover a rather big area and can be spayed on different types of surfaces, the effort of removal can differ very much. that's why falch offers a wide range of adjustable high pressure cleaners regarding operating pressure, water amount and nozzles - especially for rent. falch recommends for graffiti removal the patented wall cleaner twister for easy, effective and comfortable cleaning.