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removal of rust

removal of rust falch

rust comes from the connection between iron or steel and oxygen in the presence of water. the process is also called  oxidation or corrosion. rust can destroy the material and can lead to significant damages. this causes not only financial losses of billions and billions of euro, but also serious risks of safety. ergo the corrosion must be defeated in sensitive areas like railways, frames, pylons or ships. for this purpose the water jetting is the established technology.

the right devices for anti-corrosion are ultra high pressure water jetting machines starting from approx. 2,000bar and pure water as cleaning medium. there is no additional blasting material like glass beads, aluminous abrasive and bicarbonates necessary. this saves money for purchasing, transport and disposal of the additional blasting material.

with falch ultra high pressure water jetting machines the removal of rust becomes a mere child's play. depending on the regulation of the parameters of the machine all standard purity grades from sa1, via sa2, sa2 1/2 to sa3 can be achieved.

if you have to remove the rust from bigger areas, there are no serious alternative methods in comparison to water jetting. as already mentioned above, the blasting with grits respective the water jetting in combination with grits cause much more costs. manual or mechanical brushing off is not very efficient because of the poor surface coverage. furthermore the water jetting offers even more possibilities: by the hard water jet the surface that has to be cleaned gets prepared at the same time for new paint.

for rust removal falch offers a wide range of solutions. at falch you can rent, lease or buy high pressure cleaners up to 3,000bar, also - if available -  as used machine. different robot solutions for the automated rust removal, floor cleaners and wall cleaners and a big collection of lances and (multi-jet)nozzles complete our portfolio.

our experienced application engineers give individual answers to all questions about rust removal and demonstrate the machines also practically.