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removal of chewing gum

removal chewing gum with professional high pressure water jetting technoloy of falch

public places as pedestrian zones, parking places, railway stations or routes and facilities in amusement parks are often soiled by used chewing gums. the high pressure water jetting is a reliable, cost-saving and environmentally friendly method for the removal of chewing gum.

for this purpose you use a high pressure water jetting machine with approx. 300 to 500bar working pressure. you connect a hand lance with flat jet nozzle to the machine. the nozzle produces a fan-shaped water jet of about 15° with which you can loosen the chewing gums residue-free from the floor.

depending on the material and the condition of the surface, pale stains remain on the floor after the removal of the chewing gum. in order to satisfy aesthetic requirements falch recommends to clean the whole floor subsequently with a floor cleaner, as e.g. the falch scater. in this way you achieve perfect cleaning results.

in order not to disturb the public travel at highly frequented places too much, it is clever to use the high pressure water jetting machines in a so-called tandem processing. so it is possible to do the pre-cleaning with the hand-lance and the complete cleaning with the floor cleaner in a two-operators-proceeding at the same time. falch offers for this purpose the ideal solutions.

you'll get the answers to detailed questions around the water jetting and especially around the effective, cost-saving and environmentally friendly removal of chewing gum from our easy application specialists.