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removal of barks

removal barks with falch high pressure water jetting technology

natural wood houses are continually gaining popularity - not only in the eyes of builders, but also in the eyes of the observers. for building these houses you need amongst others natural tree trunks which have to be debarked completely beforehand. but also for high ropes courses, which sprout everywhere like mushrooms from the ground, for border fortifications, balustrades or adventure playgrounds more and more debarked trunks are used as building material.

a perfect tool for the removal of barks is the high pressure water jetting technology. with this method it is not only possible to separate the bark precisely from the trunk - but this method makes it also possible that the trunk remains absolutely free from any traces and so remains in its natural structure.

the high pressure water jetting machine which is adjustable in working pressure, water amount and nozzle size, removes the bark without any residues from the trunk and without injuring the trunk itself. the natural structure of the wood remains 100% in its original shape.

by hand-lance-operation the jetting staff can vary the distance between nozzle and surface and so can react very sensitively to the naturally given characteristics of the wooden material. this is an unbeatable advantage that an automatic debarking machine could never fulfill. an additional value is the smooth surface of the debarked trunk that is only achievable by water jetting. this makes a further proceeding unnecessary. in this way you can do two work steps in one and you save time and money. due to the smooth removal of the bark the lifetime of the tree is much higher because the sane trunk is not susceptible to harmful substances, humidity and other disturbances from outside. pests in or previously hidden under the bark are simply washed away by the water jet.

the use of pure water characterizes the high pressure water jetting as environmentally friendly technology. here technology and environmental consciousness meet at eye level.

for debarking falch offers a big range of different high pressure cleaners with adjustable parameters as operating pressure, flow rate, nozzle size and water temperature. our experts would like to give you professional advice about all questions of debarking via our hotline-service. our application engineers show you on-site how you can find practical solutions for your requirements.