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project express for professional water jetters of falch

water jetting is a complex matter. particularly if you want to achieve a good contribution margin and good working results, it is important to consider a number of details.

an important role plays the appropriate water jetting machine as well as the optimal adjustment of the parameters. in order to work not only hard but also cost-effective, you need the right work technique and the combination of the best possible accessories and nozzles for the applications.

exactly for this reason falch offers with the projectXpress a simple and at the same time brilliant service. interested and help-seeking people have the possibility to get competent advice about all themes around water jetting. and they can be instructed live on-site how to handle tasks and projects despite price- and time-pressure in a profitable way.

projectXpress offers a personal coaching by an experienced and especially trained application engineer. this person helps you to prepare your projects professionally. he makes sample areas and demonstrates the mode of functioning of a water jetting machine with different parameters and accessories. with these tests he shows you "live on project", how you can achieve a maximum of efficiency. a professional consulting and demonstration around the work techniques complete this offer.

this service is also a good basis for the calculation of your projects. by means of the demonstrations you learn how to minimize the setup times and how to ensure a smooth process flow on the building-site to achieve adherence to schedules and high contribution margins. the time expense of a projectXpress is about one day. the profit extends to all following days of your projects.