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high-pressure cleaner

profi high-pressure cleaner falch t5h

high pressure cleaners are devices which are mainly used to remove stubborn dirt. as cleaning medium you use water. popular applications are e.g. the cleaning of paving stones and bottom plates, car-parks and gateways as well as the cleaning of terraces, facades, vehicles or pipes.

functional principle: the pump systems integrated in the high pressure cleaners are driven by diesel-, fuel- or electrical engines. a pump unit transports the inlet water with high power inside the high pressure cleaner through a high pressure hose, high pressure gun and high pressure lance to the high pressure nozzle. depending on the geometry and diameter of the high pressure nozzle, the water is strongly accelerated and the water comes out of the nozzle with a certain operating pressure.

machines up to approx. 500bar often contain burners or electrical heating modules. they make it possible to heat the water, so that in combination with the water pressure you can produce additional cleaning power.

powerful machines starting from approx. 1,000bar are also called ultra high pressure water jetting machines. they are not used for cleaning work, but are a tool for renovation and refurbishment. the construction industry uses ultra high pressure water jetting machines for roughening of surfaces or for removal of construction material (e.g. concrete). you use ultra high pressure cleaners for rust removal of ships and/or for removal of paint. also in the road construction industry you use ultra high pressure machines, for example for removal of road marking.

good operating results require a certain experience and know-how of the operating staff. the more the operator is able to combine the parameters as machine power (kw), water pressure (bar), water temperature (C°), water flow (liter), nozzle size (style), nozzle flow rate (liter/minute), spray pattern (point jet, flat jet, rotary jet [rotating speed]), accessory, jetting distance, etc. according to the application, he can realize his projects in the fastest and highest-quality way.

safety advise: when you use high and ultra high pressure cleaners you have to take the utmost care. inappropriate use can lead to life risk injuries. you have to follow the machine- and safety-instructions strictly. this is also valid for the observation of the safety standards (especially the rules for safety and health at work of the employers' liability insurance association)!