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high pressure water jet

high pressure water jet with professional high pressure water jetting technology of falch

a high pressure water jet in the context of a high pressure cleaner is produced by a interaction of several components. significant influence has the high pressure pump and the high pressure nozzle.

formation of a high pressure water jet: a high pressure pump sucks water and accelerates it strongly. the accelerated water runs through the pump system and gets through the high pressure hose and further components, as e.g. the high pressure gun and the hand-lance, to the high pressure nozzle. the nozzle produces the high pressure water jet. the water jet can be different in form and intensity depending on the pump pressure, the nozzle geometry as well as the diameter of the nozzle hole.

which form a high pressure water jet has in its spray pattern depends on the nozzle type. nozzle types can generally be divided into flat jet nozzles, point jet nozzles and rotating nozzles. flat jet nozzles have a wide, fan-shaped spray pattern, while point jet nozzles produce a precisely focused spray pattern. rotating nozzles produce several precisely focused jets, which thanks to rotating movement of the nozzle in longitudinal direction have a spiral-shaped spray pattern.

the intensity of the jet depends on the pressure of the pump, the flow rate of the pump and the type of the nozzle. there is the rule: the higher the pressure and the flow rate and the more precise the focus of the water jet through the nozzle is, the more powerful is the water jet.