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removal robots

removal robots

removal robots are tools to remove e.g. concrete. they are remote-controlled and mostly mounted on chassis of caterpillars. removal robots have no pump own systems but are connected to external ultra high pressure water jetting pumps. accordingly to that removal robots are usually used for concrete renovation.

removal robots offer in comparison to hand lance operation a number of serious advantages: on the one hand they can be operated with pressure-/liter-performances, that cause recoil forces of 200 kg and more and far exceed the maximum values, that are allowed for hand lance operation.

on the other hand they make it possible to achieve a much more regular removal – and in a much shorter time. furthermore the workers profit from a plus of comfort and work protection, because they don't do the jetting work actively themselves anymore, but do it by remote control with a secure distance.

removal robots have hydraulic working arms, that allow a maximum swing range up to 360 °. steplessly extendable arms respective fixed tower structures make a vertical and/or over-head operation possible.

with the falch crawler 30 falch offers a removal robot of the newest generation.