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reinforcement /armoring

concrete reinforcement

reinforcement, also called armoring, describes the iron rods that are inserted in the concrete. as pure concrete can only absorb pressure stress, the reinforcement has the function to absorb tension stress. the iron rods produce a composite with the surrounding concrete and increase the durability of the concrete as well as the statics of the building significantly. besides the use of adequate steel and its correct forming, it is important for reinforcements to have a sufficient cover of concrete. this is the difference between the surface of the concrete and the outer edge of the reinforcement, covered by the concrete. concrete covers are necessary to protect the reinforcement against corrosion (this could be in consequence of incoming air respective chloride or in consequence of a so called carbonation, when the concrete loses its alkaline milieu and its natural corrosion protection regarding the reinforcement).

if the reinforcement corrodes, the concrete threatens not only to flake or to crumble but also the building threatens to break down. the din 1055-100:2001-03 regulates which measurements have to be taken in each case to renovate the building or to secure its regular use. according to that din, the broken construction material always has to be removed from the sane one. water jetting (hydro demolition) is the ideal method for that purpose. the removal would also be possible by drill hammer indeed, but this would have big disadvantages (cracks after vibrations, noise disturbances, risk of deformation of iron rods, efficiency, etc.).

falch offers ultra high pressure water jetting machines and accessories for concrete renovation in different models and power classes. amongst them you'll find the patented and especially for concrete removal developed hyjet-nozzle as well as the ceiling jet for comfortable jetting of floors and ceilings. falch offers additionally especially for concrete removal developed removal robots.