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concrete consists of lime stone, clay, sand, grit and water. depending on the mixture of these components it is possible to produce different kinds of concrete, as e.g. lightweight concrete (bulk density < 2,8 kg/dm³), heavyweight concrete (bulk density > 2,8 kg/dm³), standard concrete (bulk density of approx. 2,0 to 2,8 kg/dm³), reinforced concrete (combination of steel and concrete), asphaltic concrete (addition of street bitumen as binder), transport concrete, etc. they all have different characteristics, particularly with regard to carrying capacity, safety, heat-, fire-, sound- or moisture proofing.

concrete is an often used construction material because of its rich variety, its availability as well as its profitability. however concrete is also susceptible. environmental influences, strong wear as well as vibrations can cause enormous damages. also penetrating or already included chloride can damage the concrete very much. they cause a reduction of the ph-value, so that consequently the natural corrosion protective coating around the inserted iron rods is going to be dissolved. the consequence: rusted reinforcement – flaking or crumbling concrete – hazard to the basic structure of the building.

what measures should be taken in specific cases in order to ensure the renovation or the systematic use of concrete constructions, is regulated by the din 1055-100:2001-03. according to this din, broken construction material always has to be removed from the sound one. water jetting (hydro demolition) is the perfect method for that purpose. the removal would also be possible by drill hammer, but this would have big disadvantages (cracking by vibrations, noise nuisance, risk of deformation of iron rods, efficiency, etc.)

falch offers ultra high pressure water jetting machines and accessories for concrete renovation in different models and power classes. amongst that you'll find the patented and especially for concrete removal developed hyjet-nozzle as well as the ceiling jet for comfortable jetting of floors and ceilings. falch offers also especially for concrete removal developed removal robots.