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cleaning vehicles

cleaning vehicles with professional high pressure cleaner of falch

depending on the type of vehicle and its kind of use, the cleaning of vehicles can be more or less complex. while cars usually can be freed from the "normal dirt of the streets" in a rather short time and in a simple way, the cleaning of utility vehicles, as e.g. trucks or construction- and agricultural vehicles, requires some more energy. on the one hand, because the dirtiness is more intensive (more stubborn). on the other hand, because the dirt covers a bigger surface. furthermore the utility vehicles have more parts that are difficult to reach.

whether car, utility or rail vehicle - high pressure water jetting technology is the established method for cleaning vehicles. it should be noted, however, that there is no patent remedy for the "optimal water jetting machine" respective the optimal adjustment. falch recommends to use a machine that is variable in operating pressure, water amount, water temperature and in the size and number of nozzles. only in this way ideal circumstances can be provided in order to achieve perfect cleaning results without damaging the delicate material, as acrylic glass, plastic, rubber, etc.

falch generally advises against alternative methods, such as car-wash plants with their fixed cleaning devices, because they are not as flexible as a high pressure cleaner.

for cleaning vehicles you can use a wide range of falch-devices. emphasis is given here to the model aqua speed 600 h. it offers the best conditions as adjustable operating pressure up to maximum 170 bar, hot water operation up to maximum 155° C, flexibility and the possibility to fill in cleaning additives.

for all further questions you can contact our experts who would like to help you with competent application consulting via our hotline respective practical demonstrations.