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cleaning scaffoldings

cleaning scaffolding

you need scaffoldings in order to build, but also to plaster, renovate and repair buildings. it is inevitable that the scaffoldings get dirty during these works. there remain residues of plaster, splashes of paint, glue or other residues on the scaffoldings. these kinds of dirt are often very stubborn.

scaffoldings can consist of steel or aluminum. the rods and the boards of the scaffoldings get dirty to varying degrees. that's why a differentiated solution is needed for cleaning the scaffoldings in order to restore the cleanness and surefootedness. the high pressure water jetting is the proved method for that purpose. water amount, operating pressure and jetting form should be adjustable flexibly to the different kinds of dirt and the numerous types and materials of scaffoldings. this way we can guarantee, that the scaffoldings are cleaned without residues and without damaging or bending the material. that could happen more easily with alternative methods like hammering or scratching with a spatula or steel brush. furthermore the water jetting is much faster and more effective, because the water jet reaches also angled corners without problems. so the dirt is loosened from the scaffolding and at the same time it is washed away.

the profound cleaning makes it possible to mount the scaffoldings in a fast and secure way, which cannot be guaranteed with dirty scaffoldings. this saves time and money. besides the worth preserving you also profit by the improved image caused by the clean appearance when starting a new project. as you need no additional abrasives but only pure water as jetting medium, water jetting is a very ecological method. because of the economic water consumption there are only low costs.

falch offers different high pressure cleaners with adjustable parameters. ideal is the  rotating nozzle point speed, because it is adjustable regarding the number of revolutions as well as the number of water jets. low numbers of revolution cause a powerful impact, but without big surface coverage. this is the ideal nozzle equipment for cleaning scaffoldings.