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cleaning roofs

cleaning roofs with high pressure water jetting technology of falch

who doesn't know this: the roof is covered new and due to weather influences like rain, fog and shadow grow again moss, algae and lichens in the shortest time; not to mention deposits of air pollution and bird droppings.

roofs in different designs - from flat roofs with smooth surface, steep roofs or saddle roofs, covered with clay bricks, slate shingles, tin or diverse plastic materials - they all should be cleaned regularly, not only for aesthetic reasons but especially in order to maintain the value of the building. this way the rain water can flow away more easily, with the result that the roofs dries faster and so the penetration of water can be avoided.

high pressure water cleaners are the perfect tool for cleaning roofs. you can achieve perfect results with them in the shortest possible time. but you should take care to use only high pressure water cleaners, which are adjustable regarding the operating pressure, the water amount and the nozzle size. so you can exactly adjust the high pressure water cleaner to each type of roof and to each type of cleaning job. as it is possible to operate the high pressure cleaners even with hot water, you can destroy moss, algae and lichens sustainably.

for service providers, who are specialized in cleaning roofs, cannot live without high pressure water jetting technology. they usually achieve an enormous surface coverage and so are able to reduce costs and work with high profits. so you get an unbeatable added value towards alternative methods like cleaning with chemicals, microorganisms or brushes

falch offers a wide range of high pressure cleaners with different accessories, which find the right answers to your cleaning requests. many machines are designed especially for mobile operation and can be moved fast and easily from building site to building site. for any question about the topic professional roof cleaning you can contact our application engineers on the hotline.