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cleaning road construction machines

cleaning road construction machines

road construction machines, as asphalt mills, road finishers, rollers or vibratory plates have to stand much wear and dirt. to maintain their functionality and security, but also for reasons of stable value they need regular and thorough cleaning.

the cleaning of road construction machines is more or less a big challenge: on the one hand you must loosen adhesions or crusts of e.g. earth, oil, grease, asphalt, bitumen or concrete without residues, on the other hand sensitive components like painted surfaces, rubber coatings, glass covers, etc. must not be damaged.

professional hot water high pressure cleaners, as the falch trail jet 15, are ideal tools for these purposes. the power of the water jet can be adjusted to individual requirements by step-less pressure-regulation. furthermore there is the possibility to regulate the water temperature variably up to 155°. in this way also stubborn oil-, grease- or bitumen-adhesions can be removed perfectly from angled places that are difficult to access.

multi-jet rotating nozzles, like the falch pointspeed 5, are the ideal completion to that procedure. at the pointspeed 5 you can adjust the rotating speed of the nozzle manually with a hand-grip and so produce at any time an optimal spray pattern that meets all requirements. whereby the following rule is valid: the lower the speed, the more powerful is the spray pattern (and vice versa).

with the above described combination the cleaning procedure of road cleaning machines becomes a child's play. they make the best cleaning results come true and are hard to beat in fastness and comfort.

convince yourself and try a falch high pressure cleaner, e.g. in the frame of a falch-company visit or a practical demonstration on-site. you will be amazed.