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cleaning paint shops

cleaning paint shops with professional high pressure cleaner of falch

there are many different paint shops: standard plants as splash boards, spraying booths and paint dryers are as widespread as individual and complex paint systems with components as e.g. pretreatment-, powder-coating- and drying plants.

depending on the intensity of the application and the kind of shop, there remain very quckly thick layers of old paint on the walls and the floor. for maintaining a trouble-free operation of the plant you must remove these old paints as soon as possible. ultra high pressure water jetting machines offer unbeatable possibilities to remove old residues in an effective and perfect way.

for the cleaning of walls and floors in paint shops there are excellent wall- and floor-cleaners as the falch scater or the falch twister available. for these accessories you get optionally sucking systems, which suck and deposit the dirty water with particles of paint during the cleaning process. so you can avoid a longer standstill of the paint shop.

even wet layers of paint or the widespread water-based paints can be removed by high pressure water jetting technology without any problems and without any residues - it doesn't matter whether the paints are on the smooth areas or perforated grids.

the cleaning of paint shops is one of the special applications of falch for many years now. with high pressure cleaners, which are adjustable in working pressure, water amount, temperature and nozzle size, we crack each layer of old paint, as thick and as stubborn it may be. in this way our technology contributes to the conservation of the value and of the functionality of the paint shops.

with much know-how and long lasting experience our application engineers and -technicians will answer you each question around the cleaning of paint shops.