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cleaning heat exchangers

cleaning heat exchangers with professional high pressure cleaner of falch

heat exchangers are devices that transfer thermal energy from one substance to the other. the substances flow through the heat exchanger in the same, contrary or crossed direction. in the most cases heat exchangers are made of metal, but there are also heat exchangers made of enamel, plastic, glass, silicon carbide, copper, aluminum or steel, especially stainless steel. they have the form of pipes or plates. normally water, thermal oil, molten salt or liquid metal are used as heat carrier.

these heat carriers block the heat exchangers from time to time. therefore they need regularly a thorough cleaning from inside and outside. for this purpose the water jetting technology is the established method. high pressure cleaners that are adjustable in the parameters working pressure, water amount, temperature and nozzle sizes, can achieve outstanding cleaning results. when you have to remove oil residues it is ideal to use hot water machines up to 500 bar, when you have to remove hard crust you need more pressure and a more aggressive water jet with special nozzles. but you have to be careful not to damage the heat exchanger. for this reason falch recommends to start with low water pressure and little water amount and then to increase both slowly.

for cleaning heat exchangers falch offers a wide range of high pressure cleaners with useful accessories. you have questions about the cleaning of heat exchangers? no problem! our application engineers will help you.