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cleaning formworks

cleaning formworks

formworks are often used for constructing buildings. they are casting molds in which you fill material like concrete or plastic.

after hardening of the material the formworks can be removed. however, this is rarely achieved without residues, so that you have to clean the formworks before using them again.

high pressure water jetting is the established method for cleaning formworks. the advantages are evident: high pressure water jetting is environmentally friendly and economic, because only pure water is used as jetting medium. furthermore high pressure water jetting is effective and very flexible, because water pressure, water amount and jetting form can be adjusted very fast and uncomplicatedly to the kind and persistence of the dirt as well to the quality of the surface. so you can achieve perfect cleaning results without the risk to damage the formwork.

alternative methods as manual cleaning by brush or hammer are very time-consuming and lead nearly always to damages of the formworks. it is often difficult to remove hard and stubborn residues from edges that are difficult to access. the professional cleaning of formworks by water jetting technology however conserves the material, guarantees a long lifetime and thus helps to preserve the value of the formworks.

falch offers a wide range of high pressure water jetting machines and –accessories for professional formwork cleaning. emphasis is given here to the floor cleaner scater 12, which was developed especially for the cleaning of formworks. it can be used in combination with machines with dumpgun as well as with electrical control. the suction unit vacu press, patented by falch, is already integrated in the new scater 12 as standard.

do you have detailed questions about the professional cleaning of formworks? no problem, our experts are available for you with competent application consulting and practical demonstrations.