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cleaning facades

cleaning facades - falch

exterior facades of buildings can consist of most different material, as e.g. plastered insulating plate, metal, glass, sand stone, brick, concrete, wood and plastic. often they are covered with coatings, lacquers or paints to protect the façade against environmental and/or weather pollution.

despite the diversity of material it is not possible to avoid that facades grow older. water jetting is the established method to clean the facades. only pure water is used as cleaning medium. as you can remove thoroughly all materials like dust or environmental pollution that disturb the bonding, you prepare the surface in an optimal way for a probable further treatment in one step.

but you have to take care during the cleaning process. facades can easily be damaged. falch advises to regulate the pressure, water amount and temperature first in a moderate way and to make a sample area at a part of the façade that is not exhibited to the public view. you also should test different kinds of flat jet - and rotating nozzles as well as different jetting distances towards the façade. when it is necessary, the parameters can be adjusted carefully upwards or downwards.

especially for façade cleaning falch offers a wide range of different high pressure cleaners: they are available with smoothly adjustable water pressure, with or without hot water operation, with electrical, fuel or diesel engine, as trailer version or as compact "handcart solution" ... . a big number of accessories complete our portfolio.

for all questions, especially about façade cleaning, our experienced application engineers are available for you via our hotline. on request we offer you also demonstrations of our machines, on-site or in our headquarters.