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cleaning construction machines

cleaning construction machines

construction machines as diggers, concrete mixers, rolls, caterpillars, transportation-, driving- and extraction equipment are exposed to high loads on their mission and get often very dirty. in order to maintain their functionality and their value, they need to be cleaned regularly and thoroughly

for this purpose high pressure cleaners are ideal. the cleaning medium should be adjustable regarding pressure, water amount and water temperature. this way different kinds of dirt as e.g. bitumen, tar, concrete, chemicals or mud can be removed efficiently without risk to damage the outer material of the construction machines, as steel, sheet, plastic or glass.

cleaning works with a high pressure cleaner offer the unbeatable advantage to reach particularly winding edges of the construction machines. leftovers and crustifications are not only loosened, but depending on the water amount of the high pressure cleaner, more or less intensively rinsed out of the machine. alternative procedures, as e.g. beating off the dirt with hammer and chisel or scraping off the dirt with scraper or brush don't offer this advantage. on the contrary: their use often causes bad damages of the machine.

in short: cleaning construction machines with water jetting technology is a very material saving procedure, which does not effect the valuable material of the machine neither the functionality. furthermore water jetting is much faster and more effective than the use of hammer, chisel, scraper or brush.

falch offers high pressure cleaners and accessories in various designs and power classes, especially for cleaning construction machines. falch offers furthermore competent application consulting concerning all questions about water jetting via telephone hotline-service. on request we demonstrate on-site the variety of possibilities and solutions of water jetting.