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cleaning buildings indoor

cleaning buildings indoor

rooms get dirty very fast – especially highly frequented and/or commercially used rooms. there are entrance- or passage rooms, kitchens, work shops, market- or railway halls, or, or, or.

high pressure water jetting machines are ideal for cleaning these or other rooms. pure water as cleaning means is the optimal medium for cleaning buildings inside – it cleans without residues, environmentally friendly, economically and without emissions. with hot water high pressure cleaners there is the further possibility to remove reliably greasy substances as well as probably existing sources of bacterial contamination thanks to temperatures up to 155° C.

wall- or floor cleaners as accessories (as the falch scater 5 or falch twister 5) are an ideal completion. they make it possible to work without splash water and lead the dirty water thanks to the integrated vacupress-systems via a suction hose in a drainage or retention basin. after the cleaning process you find perfectly cleaned floors that are only a little bit humid and dry alone like the floors after a normal house cleaning.

convince yourself and see the falch machines and –accessories with their multiple possibilities live in operation. our specialists would like to present and demonstrate to you the different application possibilities in our testing rooms and they would like to give you individual advices. as far as you need help and/or consultation in your company or on the building site, our application engineers are available for you. just call.