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cleaning agricultural machines, barns

cleaning agriculture

the agriculture is the basis of our life. to be able to produce clean food, the agricultural machines, tools and barns must be cleaned regularly.

strict hygiene regulations of the food production and the strict regulations of the animal protection show how high the requirements of cleanliness are in the agriculture. here the high pressure water jetting technology can give the right answers. whether cleaning agricultural machines, barns or silos, water jetting machines can be used very flexibly with regard to the kind of surface and the kind of dirt. the variability of working pressure and water amount as well as the change of the nozzles makes it possible to adjust the high pressure cleaner individually to the different objects. in this way dirt, however stubborn it may be, can be removed without residues and at the same time the surface is conserved. according to that the high pressure cleaner achieves not only perfect cleaning results but also contributes to the value conservation of the objects that are cleaned.

the cleaning of the barns has in contrast to the cleaning of the agricultural machines a much higher significance. in order to preserve the health of the animals, the barns have to be cleaned in a very sensitive way. the use of high pressure cleaners is ideal for this purpose because you use only pure water as cleaning medium. so you don't only meet the concerns of environmental protection but also the concerns of the health of animals and human beings. with hot water cleaners you are also able to kill bacteria. special floor- and wall cleaners have also the possibility to lead the dirty water via a hose system into special waste-containers. so it is possible to use the barn again after a very short time. this is modern cleaning on the highest possible level!

when you talk about cleaning processes in the agricultural area there is no real alternative to water jetting. sprinkling with a normal water hose, sweeping with a broom or brushing with steel brushes have not nearly the same cleaning result as water jetting. not to talk of the comfort and the time-savings.

falch offers a big range of high pressure water jetting machines with adjustable parameters, as e.g. pressure or water amount. floor- and wall-cleaners as scater and twister complete the product range. we offer interested customers different services, as e.g. individual demonstrations or competent application consulting via hotline.