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protective clothing (protective suit)

protective clothing for professional water jetters, protective suit of falch

it is absolutely important to wear professional protective clothing when you do high pressure water jetting works, because you can get injured very gravely with a working pressure of only 100 bar. the protective clothing for works with high pressure cleaners and ultra high pressure cleaners is regulated in the directives for liquid jetting machines (zh 1/406) respective in the ec-directive 89/686. according to that the protective clothing must protect efficiently against humidity and must stand the mechanical wear of high pressure water jetting works that come from e.g. flying chunks of concrete during the concrete renovation. the personal protective equipment consists further of a helmet with eye- or face protection as well as ear-protection, slip-proof protective gloves, shin protection and slip-proof protective boots with metatarsal protection (see bg-rules for safety and health at work [bgr] 191).

falch offers protective suits (tex-overalls) and other protective clothing for high pressure water jetting works in different pressure classes up to 3,000 bar. all tex-overalls are developed especially for cleaning works with falch high pressure water jetting machines and offer a reliable protection against penetrating moisture and dirt. the special cloth makes a comfortable work possible for the operator, because the protective suit is extremely light and flexible. the tough material is 100% spray water proof and simply to clean. the knee cushion that is integrated in the protective suit tex 3 makes the work on knees easier for the operator. if the knee protection is disturbing, it can be removed. the tex protective suit is equipped with especially developed neoprene-cuffs at the end of the arm, that can be adjusted individually by a hook-and-pile fastener. a drawstring in the waist guaranties a comfortable, trouble-free fit and maximum elbow-room.