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removal concrete

removal concrete - hydrodemolition

in order to remove concrete you use ultra high pressure water jetting machines from approx. 1,200bar operating pressure upwards. in principle these ultra high pressure water jetting machines work as normal high pressure cleaners. but their water jets are so powerful that they are able to loosen concrete parts.

many buildings made of concrete have severe damages only after a couple of years. especially buildings that are exposed to much wear and/or environmental pollution, such as e.g. underground garages, bridges, sport stadiums and dams are concerned. if concrete starts to crumble, the basic structure of the building can be endangered in consequence of that. renovation becomes absolutely necessary in order to save the building.

before renovating the concrete, you must remove the crumbly construction material from the sound one. for that purpose water jetting (hydro demolition) is the ideal method. it is also possible to remove concrete with a drill hammer, but this method has big disadvantages. the use of a drill hammer causes vibrations in the building, so that grave follow-up damages can occur. additionally it is nearly impossible, in contrary to water jetting, to expose iron rod inside the concrete with a drill hammer without any deformation. furthermore reinforcements, after being exposed by a drill hammer, must be sandblasted in order to remove rust from the iron rods. this complicated as well as cost-intensive work process is not necessary with hydro demolition, because concrete removal and rust removal can be done in one step without any other means. last but not least drill hammers cause much more noise and disturb often inhabitants and neighbors.

falch offers ultra high pressure water jetting machines and accessories for concrete renovation in different models and power classes. amongst them you'll find the patented and especially for concrete removal developed hyjet-nozzle as well as the ceiling jet for comfortable jetting of floors and ceilings. falch offers additionally especially for concrete removal developed removal robots.