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floor cleaner

floor cleaner

floor cleaners are accessories for high pressure cleaners. you can clean floors inside and outside with them. possible applications: cleaning industrial floors, cleaning kitchens, cleaning car parking places, cleaning terraces, cleaning entrances etc. floor cleaners are also often used for cleaning formworks.

regarding the design, floor cleaners are comparable with standard lawn mowers. instead of a rotating knife, the floor cleaners contain rotating nozzle bars and transport in this way the water from the high pressure cleaner to the surface. the nozzle bar drives itself thanks to its angular position. it can be equipped either with flat- or point jet nozzles. the number of revolutions can be changed by changing the angle of the nozzle holder.

compared with cleaning by hand operated lances, floor cleaners have big advantages regarding the quantity and the quality: on the one hand you can cover much more surface per time period, on the other hand you can work very smoothly with a high precision. the operation of the floor cleaner is simple and comfortable for the operating staff.

falch offers floor cleaners in different power classes. the falch floor cleaner with integrated vacuum press system has special advantages. there is an additional nozzle in the sucking part, which creates an under pressure inside the housing and so sucks the dirty water reliably and leaves a nearly dry floor.