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high pressure hoses

high pressure hoses

high pressure hoses connect the high pressure cleaner with the high pressure gun. in contrast to the water inlet hose, which is mounted between water-tap and high pressure cleaner, the complete work pressure of the pump weighs on the high pressure hoses. that's the reason why the high pressure hoses have to fulfill a high standard of safety.

high pressure hoses of falch are available for the pressure range from 220 to 2,500bar. they contain up to six internal steel braids, which form the so-called inner hose. around the inner hose there is an outer hose of especially abrasion-resistant material.

as the end of the hose, which is connected to the gun, has to stand extreme use, the 5m gun hoses contain at both ends additionally integrated coatings of massive steel for work with ultra high pressure. if there occur holes of cracks in the inner hose, these coatings take care that no water can come out. the operating staff keeps being optimally protected.

at falch the so-called "nonstop" is a high pressure hose of professional design. it has a nominal width of up to 8 dn and is therefore usable for water flow rates up to maximum 40 l/min. furthermore it is extremely flexible and guarantees an optimal handling. due to the integrated breakaway-protection no tedious hose stockings must be used. you can prolong falch high pressure hoses by hose connectors, as for example the patented falch quicklock system. the integrated rotary feedthrough of the connectors increases the lifetime of the hoses enormously. thanks to the inside thread the end of the hose is protected very well against premature wear.

for the transport of high pressure hoses falch offers a practical transport reel, both a cheap and clever solution. you can roll up the high pressure hoses in a very quick and clean way and transport them very easily thanks to mounted wheels. many falch machines have storage room especially for transport reels, so that the hoses can be stored in a clean and clear way in the perfectly protected inner room of the machine at any time.