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high pressure gun

high pressure gun

the high pressure gun is an important part in the world of high pressure water jetting. it is mounted between high pressure hose and high pressure lance. by pulling the trigger you can release the water jet from the high pressure nozzle.

functional principle: by pulling the trigger of the high pressure gun you open the valve which is integrated in the gun and you release the water jet through the high pressure lance from the high pressure nozzle. when you release the trigger, the valve closes again and the water jet is stopped, but the pump still continues to transport the water. there is a bypass to avoid overpressure. this bypass makes the water circulate in the pump system and prevents that fresh water comes into the system.

falch high pressure guns has refined features which make the work more comfortable and safer - in short: simply better. all available parts are produced in lightweight constructions according to high ergonomic standards. but nevertheless they have an enormous break- and impact-strength. thanks to the serial power assistance in the gun trigger, you need nearly no strength to pull the trigger. in this way the jetting staff keeps being fit and agile even during continuous jetting operation. with the smart nozzle cleaning needle, which is perfectly hidden in the gun grip, the operator can remove dirt from the nozzle and can go on working. a safety-arm inside the gun trigger prevents from unintended pulling of the trigger.

falch offers special high pressure guns in a range of 300 - 3,000bar; a gun 3 (up to max. 300bar), a gun 5 (up to 500bar) as well as a gun 30 (up to max. 3,000bar). additionally falch offers a gun with lance holder for tandem gun operation.