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high pressure water jetting

high pressure water jetting by falch technology

the use of high pressure cleaners with a performance of up to approx. 1,000bar is called high pressure water jetting. the use of more powerful machines however is called ultra high pressure water jetting.

aim of the high pressure water jetting is to remove (stubborn) dirt from surfaces as e.g. from floors, walls or vehicles. you can also use high pressure water jetting to separate materials from each other, as e.g. debarking trunks or removing moss from roofs. also for roughening of surfaces the high pressure water jetting is often used, so e.g. in order to give concrete a better adhesion strength value with regard to the follow-up works.

pure water is used as cleaning medium. depending on the material of the surfaces that have to be cleaned you can achieve the required cleaning results by varying the parameters of the machine as the performance and flow rate of the pump(s), temperature of the cleaning medium or the type and the size of the nozzle(s) (point jetting method, flat jetting method, cone jet method, rotating jet method).

alternatives to high pressure water jetting are e.g. sand blasting or shot blasting. for some applications they may be sensible. but generally the use of pure water as cleaning medium offers an enormous additional value - it is nearly everywhere available, guarantees a high eco-friendliness and is economically much more attractive.

falch offers for nearly each application area an appropriate high pressure water jetting machine as well as a wide range of intelligent accessories. you can buy the machines and the accessories or you can rent them from one of our widespread rental points. furthermore falch offers also a big number of economic, overhauled used machines.