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high pressure pump

high pressure pumps

in order to be able to produce high pressure and ultra-high pressure, falch uses high pressure pumps (so-called piston pumps). it is characteristic for this high pressure pump, that the transported liquids can reach very high pressure caused by high pump output power. furthermore the water amount is very precisely adjustable.

functional principle of high pressure pumps: similar to an engine a piston pump system contains cylinders. pistons (plungers) run in these cylinders. they suck water through an inlet valve (first stroke), accelerate the water by linear piston movement and push it out by an outlet valve (second stroke). the water is pushed away, so that you can call the piston pump also displacement pump.
falch has not only long-term experiences in the construction of high pressure pumps, but also a wide range of different patents. we produce our high pressure cleaners exclusively with first-class material and offer products of very high quality to our customers. falch offers a wide range of water jetting machines for all applications in different areas.