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flat jet nozzle

flat jet nozzles falch

flat jet nozzles have a slot-like opening and so deliver a flat, fan-shaped water jet. they differ from the point jet nozzles (bundled single jet) and the rotary nozzles (rotating water jets).

flat jet nozzles have a bigger impact surface than point jet nozzles. at the same time the impact power is smaller. that's the reason why the use of flat jet nozzles makes sense, when a) you have to clean a delicate surface and/or b) you have to clean big surfaces.

you use flat jet nozzles especially for cleaning floors or areas, cleaning vehicles, cleaning roofs, cleaning facades, etc.

falch flat jet nozzles are made of high-value steel and are made for operating pressures up to max. 2,500 bar. they are available in different (static) jetting angles from 10° - 40° as well as in different sizes and designs (styles).