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burst disc

burst disc

burst disks are used for protection against over-pressure. they are made of stainless, metallic membranes and are available in different designs.

functional principle: burst disks are part of pressure-loaded systems. they are mounted like valves and are exposed directly to the pressure in the system. if the pressure of the system exceeds the standard pressure of the burst disk, the disk bursts. in direct consequence the pressure of the system decreases. in this sense the burst disks are breaking points. if a disk is broken it cannot be used anymore, but must be replaced by a new one.

the mostly used types are flat burst disks, which are in their size and design similar to small, very flat coins as well as reverse burst disks, which optically are similar to small, convex lenses. the latter ones are mounted with the convex side against the pressure. physically they are based on the euler kink-rod principle (if a pressure load exceeds the kink load of the reverse burst disk, then it kinks and the disk bursts).

reverse burst disks are mounted in all falch ultra high pressure water jetting machines. besides further features, such as e.g. hydraulic regulated over-pressure-valves, they represent an additional safety step in order to protect the valuable pump systems against over-pressure. if a burst disk bursts in a falch-ultra high pressure water jetting machine, then water transported by the pump rinses out. the machine has to be shut down and the burst disk has to be exchanged.