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water filter

water filter

for water jetting machines it is very important to use water filters (sieve filters). they improve the water quality, because they filter the water pollution and foreign particles out of the water before it gets into the pump system. so they make a significant contribution to maintain a trouble-free operation of the pump and to conserve the value of the high pressure cleaner.

water jetting machines for the professional use have at least one water filter, but often they have two. in two-filter-systems the cleaning medium first runs through a coarse filter and after that through a fine filter.

functional principle: after the water inlet the water gets into the filter housing. because of the under pressure in the housing the water is sucked out via a water outlet nipple. it runs through the sieve filter which collects the dirt.

water filters have filter inlets (filter bags) which have to be changed regularly. the pollution degree of filter inlets is determined by a differential pressure (pressure difference before and after the filter). falch recommends to exchange the filter bags at least at a differential pressure of 1,5 bar. to take the filter bags out of the housing you must make the housing pressure-less by opening the ventilation. when you put in new filters you have to take care that the ring of the filter bag rests on the edge of the retaining ring to ensure a reliable sealing. furthermore you have to take care that the sealing surfaces and the seals are clean and not damaged. damaged seals have to exchanged.

falch offers with the filter unit 600 a special accessory for water filtering. you usually use the filter unit 600 when you have to work with big water amounts, many operating hours or dirty water; e.g. big pumps with high flow rate, pumps in tandem operation or on big building sites, where water gets cleaned in a central place to distribute it afterwards to several machines. the filter unit 600 has a large, long-living filter surface, so that the filter has to be seldom changed. thanks to a big inlet- and outlet-pressure gauge it is easy to observe the wear of the filter at any time. the device is made for the mobile and robust use and so also usable for other machines.