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high pressure nozzle

high pressure nozzle

the nozzle is the last part in the watercourse of high pressure and ultra high pressure cleaners. before the cleaning medium reaches the nozzle, it runs from the water inlet first through the pump system and then gets through the high pressure hose to the gun and finally to the lance. at the end of the lance the nozzle is mounted. depending on geometry and diameter, the high pressure nozzle produces the working pressure of the emerging water.

generally you can divide high pressure nozzles in point jet nozzles (round hole, concentrated water jet), flat jet nozzles (slot-shaped hole, fan-shaped water jet) and rotating nozzles (one or several rotating water jets which produce a round spray pattern with high impact). the rotating nozzles combine the advantages of the flat jet nozzles with the advantages of the point jet nozzles.

the inlets of falch high pressure nozzles are made either of sapphire, ceramics or high-quality steel. they are designed for working pressures up to maximum 3,000 bar. different models (styles) and sizes are available.

the patented falch hyjet nozzle is a special high pressure nozzle. it is characterized by very intensive power transmission. functional principle: a sucking mechanism, integrated inside the nozzle, produces a kind of air cushion around the emerging water jet. the air cushion comes out of the nozzle with a speed of approx. 1,200 km/h and decreases the friction resistance of the water towards the surrounding air. consequently the water jet remains smooth for a much longer time and the removal rate can be increased decisively. due to its enormous efficiency hyjet nozzles are used mainly for concrete removal.