development center of water jetting technology

falch development center for water jetting technology

"we want to make our customer faster, better and safer."

based on this powerful motive, falch decided to take another big step
towards the future of water jetting with the construction of the innovation
and technology center in blaubeuren-seißen, which occupies more
than 5000 m².

"here we get to the bottom of water jetting."
falch already invests 13% of its revenue in the development of pumps,
nozzles, machines and accessories. through our intensive research and development, we want to take water jetting to the next level in the
coming years. our 30 years of past experience has shown that this is
the best course of action.

vision - innovation

every single product that is
designed and developed by
our 40-men-strong innovative technology team is subject to
rigorous testing.

the development of a product
from an idea to production-
ready can take several years.
only when its performance
has significantly improved
and the device or accessory
has passed all the necessary
tests and trial runs, is it
approved for volume


in future water jetting becomes safer and faster. in order to keep water
jetting competitive in the future, falch has been investing a great deal of
energy and passion in the development of automation tools.

the development of these tools, however, not only requires a great deal
of energy and passion, but also investment in highly qualified, motivated employees and the new innovation and technology center, which at over
5,000 m², finally provides enough space to test and perfect the tools
of the future. falch is also annually investing in resources in the
six-figure range: including almost 840.000 kilowatt hours of electricity,
more than 220.000 litres of diesel and heating oil and 60.000 m³
of water — an investment in the future of water jetting.

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