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falch water jetting units - belfor

falch water jetting units - belfor

falch water jetting units - belfor

damages caused by the flood of the century in thailand are being removed by belfor with almost 300 falch units!


the flood in thailand last year was caused by an unusual long lasting and immense monsoon. almost 400 casualities have been claimed by it and with six million hectare land there have been flooded 12% of thailand's surface.

even bangkok wasn't left unscathed either by the flood and especially in the north big industrial areas have been flooded. at the end of 2011 the water mass flew off and the cleanup could start.

belfor, worldwide leader in the redevelopment sector, has an own branch in the affected capital of bangkok and is deeply involved in this redevelopment in the industrial areas of the north.

to be able to clean these enormous areas fast and effectively, belfor ordered on short notice about 300 high pressure waterjetting systems at falch with 200 respectively 300 bar working pressure. dr. rupert pentenrieder (head of the belfor technical support): "we needed very quickly as many as possible high pressure cleaners, to be able to react there soon. but this was not the only reason why falch got the order. we have already been working for quite some time with several 500 bar falch machines and therefor can trust in the robustness and reliability of the manufacturer. another advantage for us was the easy handling of the units - after a short instruction our personnel was able to get started."

only in a few weeks' time the complete consignment has arrived in thailand and the belfor service team got an on-site instruction by a falch service technician. thanks to the falch water jetting units the damages caused by the flood can now be removed easily and cost-effectively, before the rebuilding can get started.