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cont jet 100 - ct-x-mobilservice

cont jet 100 - paint stripping

cont jet 100 - paint stripping

ct-x mobil-service ag strips 80 m² of paint off bogie flat wagons per day!


around 20,000 m² of bogie flat wagons have to be stripped of paint by ct-x mobil-service ag each year. in order to be able to perform the volume of paint stripping quickly and efficiently, corporate management decided to purchase the stationary container model cont jet 100: "we would never have thought that we could strip the paint from the whole 80 m² surface of a bogie flat wagon in only one day! but it is no problem at all with the rotor jet with its adjustable number of revolutions and pointspeed regulation. the cont jet 100 is in operation eight hours a day, six days per week. We are extremely satisfied with the downtimes of the machine!"