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water jetting - ships lifting installation arzviller

ship's lifting installation arzviller cleaned with falch!


the company hk industrie from hoerdt received the order to clean around 700 m² of floor area on the inclined ship's lifting equipment. the surfaces had to be cleaned of grease and bitumen residues. hk industrie rented the 500 bar high pressure blasting unit falch T5H to do the job. the use of hot water removed the grease and bitumen residues in just a few seconds!more...

falch water jetting - marbach city walls

marbach city walls


the historic city walls in marbach on the neckar had to be renovated. grime, dirt and other deposits had to be removed. another requirement was to reveal the gaps between the stones in the wall, in order subsequently to re-point them. the falch technology was chosen because of the large area to be covered at the lowest possible cost. in total, an area of approx. 600 m² was blasted in 3 days. more...

cleaning formworks falch water jetting

noe shuttering frames are cleaned down to the smallest corner!


ever more companies are cleaning heir shuttering and scaffolding with falch: because only pure water is used for cleaning, the shuttering surfaces are neither scratched or damaged in any way - and in comparison with cleaning with brushes, scrapers or grinders, the water jetting technology is far more thorough. the shuttering manufacturer noe has been using two falch R10/800 units for cleaning its rental shuttering for two yearsmore...

water jetting with falch t25 - ötigheim open air stage

the ötigheim open air stage


with 4,000 covered seats, the stage of the people's theatre ötigheim e.v. is the largest in germany. last year the company arthur hörig was commissioned to renovate the open air stage. around 700 m² of concrete surface had to be stripped of its coating, and, in addition, the damaged iron reinforcements had to be revealed and then reprofiled.more...

cleaning sewerage ducts with three falch r10/800

sewer system st. petersburg russia


three falch R10/800 units were used up to 100 m underground for renovation. the sewerage ducts, which had been taken out of service, needed to be cleaned and renovated, to then be taken back into service.more...

falch t5h removal chewing-gum

clean lines: tram station surfaces munich


gum, food and drink residues have a negative effect on the city image. for this reason, the approximately 5.5 m wide and up to 140 m long tram platforms in front of the munich main railway station needed to be cleaned without flushing out the joints. using the falch T5H and the flat spray nozzle, one gum spot after the other was removed from the plate lining in seconds. subsequently the entire floor area was cleaned up with a hot water jet.more...

cleaning underground garage witch falch t5h water jetting

underground garage "tübinger tor" in reutlingen


bilfinger berger instandsetzung gmbh got the order for the concrete repair work in the underground garage "tübinger tor" in reutlingen. the company, which has its headquarters in stuttgart, is also specialised in the cleaning of underground garages and facades.more...

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