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application projects - 3000 bar water jetting

3000 bar application projects wanted!


we need practical experience to refine out 3000 bar machines and accessories! so we are looking for suitable test objects. if you have a suitable challenge for us, just call us! hotline +49 (0)7337/81-234 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +49 (0)7337/81-234      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.more...

scater 12 - water jetting

finally smaller scater 12 !


at falch many customers asked for a smaller, cheaper scater in the 1,200 bar-sector in order to clean floors, formwork panels or grids with much less noise and without spray water. therefore the falch-team decided spontaneously to create a new product, the scater 12, which showed very good results in the testing phase. so the gap between the scater 25 and the scater 5 is closed. it is also an advantage for our customers that the device is usable for machines with dumpgun as well as with electricmore...

hose reel pack - water jetting

optimal work with new hose reelpack


again and again our customers asked for a fixed mounted hose reel. for big projects rather obstructive, but for the daily use, e.g. graffiti removal, a fixed hose reel makes quite sense. especially if you come close to the operation area, the new hose reel pack is very well applicable. equipped with 40m high pressure hose and 40m water hose with automatic hose pullback, it will be possible to work optimally with individual hose lengthes. the hose reels are made completely of stainless steel in omore...

filter unit 600 - water jetting

filter unit 600 simply clean


every high pressure water jetter knows: the better the quality of the water the longer the pump and the accessories last. unfortunately, the quality of the water can seldom be influenced. with the filter unit 600, however, the water can be filtered as best as possible! with an output of 600 l/min. the filter needs to be replaced only after every 1000 operating hours instead of daily, as it was the case up to now! that saves a lot of time and trouble! the falch filter unit 600, at a price of € 2,more...

truck jet 100 world of waterjetting

on the road again


nobody can be expected to cover everything! for example, making sure, in good time, that the new staff member has a licence to drive trucks with a trailer when you get an urgent blast commission. a diesel-powered water jetting unit with a flow rate of 20 l/min. and a working pressure of 2.500 bar has been integrated into a spacious sprinter.more...

base jet 100 d - world of water jetting

economy diesel with and without cover


anybody who drives a diesel knows: it will run and run and run. this also applies to the 120 kW diesel engine which runs at 1,800 r.p.m. the fuel companion to the electric version of the base jet 100 has a working pressure of 2,500 bar and a blasting output of 20 litres of water per minute. the multifunctional control system allows the pressure to be controlled in steps of 100 bar.more...

base jet 100 e - world of waterjetting

spacesaving lightweight under power


do you need a compact, exhaust-free ultra high pressure unit for water jet blasting work outdoors and in enclosed spaces which can be connected in an uncomplicated manner? if so, then the base model base jet 100 with a 110 kW electric motor running at 1,800 r.p.m. is exactly right for you. all you need to do is to lay the cable for power connection and off you go!more...

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