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falch cont sed 100 - water jetting with sedimentation

water jetting with professional sedimentation of falch

waste water suction at water jetting

clean water after sedimentation

simple water preparation with the cont sed 100!


a provider frequently receives the contract for complete project development, from jetting work to waste water disposal. with the cont sed 100, falch offers a simple option for cleaning jetting water.

the sophisticated functional principle is based on slow flow speeds and large areas of deposition within the cont sed 100. the heavier the dirt particle, the better the sedimentation functions. the new waste water pump P230 pumps the dirty jetting water into the cont sed 100. up to 100 litres of dirty water can be sedimented per minute. the cont sed 100 thus has a total volume of 7000 l, corresponding to the performance of three to four normal waste containers - producing a better result and a significantly lower space requirement at the project site.

in most cases, the cont sed 100 fulfils the requirements of the contractor. no additional energy and personnel are necessary. the waste water can be drained via an outlet tap at any time, while the dirt remains in the container and is then picked up by the waste disposal company.