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bayern park cleans using falch t5h

clean! bayern park cleans using falch t5h...


the bayern park in reisbach - a good hour away by car to the north-east of munich - is one of the largest amusement parks in bavaria. about 80 attractions for young and old can be found on an area of around 400,000 m².more...

falch water jetting units - belfor

damages caused by the flood of the century in thailand are being removed by belfor with almost 300 falch units!


the flood in thailand last year was caused by an unusual long lasting and immense monsoon. almost 400 casualities have been claimed by it and with six million hectare land there have been flooded 12% of thailand's surface.more...

development of turnover - falch

development of turnover


since the foundation of the company falch the turnover has been growing continuously until the year 2008. but the downturn in the economy also left its mark on falch, as to be seen in a decrease in turnover in the year 2009. but the number of personnel could be kept nevertheless. for the year 2012 falch already plans to recruit some new employees and to increase its turnover strongly.more...

muehlhan / falch: promising collaboration in the remontowa shipyard in danzig!


the muehlhan ag, international specialist for industrial and maritime surface protection, is collaborating with falch as the supplier for very high-pressure waterjet systems. the reason was their task to remove all rust from a tanker, including the chemical tank, in the remontowa shipyard in danzig. more...

new support point in katowice !


the first polish branch of falch has been opened in katowice.more...

water jetting - 25 years falch

25 years falch - 25 jahre compentence for water jetters:


sincere thanks are given to all our customers for your confidence and your loyalty. we are looking forward to staying furthermore on your side as a competent and trusty partner! more...

water jetting robots - rental

automation on the rise - rental start of water jetting robots at falch


also in the world of water jetting the automation establishes itself inexorably. by using robots, completely new dimensions of water jetting are reachable. in comparison to the traditional water jetting with hand-lance operation robots offer a range of serious advantages:more...

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